Straight guys drunken antics


Straight guys drunken antics

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wedgiedaresplease said: Kik me at wedgie_dares_please

check him out and give home dares!

Anonymous said: What ever happend to shavidpranks?

They took down their youtube channel.

Anonymous said: Please help me find a wedgie slave kik: noneedtolook

Anyone interested? Contact this person.

Anonymous said: I can't see your post of your private wedgie sesion that you did

Some of those were submissions, sorry if there was no picture.

Anonymous said: Hi, do you know the source of the tighty whitie clip you posted 5 days ago?

Nope, I don’t, sorry

A Shot at Love Wedgie

Alicia Fox gives the crew member a super wedgie on wwe raw

Big Brother Josie Gives Sam a Wedgie

Brad wedgie


I want this to happen to me.

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